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Daniel 3:16 Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego replied, “O Nebuchadnezzar, we do not need to defend ourselves before you. 17 If we are thrown into the blazing furnace, the God whom we serve is able to save us. He will rescue us from your power, your Majesty. 18 But even if he doesn’t, we want to make it clear to you, Your Majesty, that we will never serve your gods or worship the gold statue you have set up.

Respecting authority is important, but not when it goes against God’s will. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were pressured to reject God. But they chose to remain faithful regardless. AND they were willing to follow God, whether he saved them from the furnace or not.

We should ask ourselves how strong OUR faith is? Are we standing up for what is right by God? Or are we giving in to the majority? It is so important that we not only know His Word, but that we follow it. In Exodus God commanded, “You must not have any other God but me.” Therefore, they were not going to worship the gold statue or serve Nebuchadnezzar’s gods. They headed into the furnace with their faith as strong as ever. What happened? They came out of the furnace completely untouched by the fire. No human can make us do anything, if God wants us free.

Is God asking you to do something? Are you analyzing your situation to death? Replaying it over and over in your head? This is such wasted energy, and the time you’re spending rehashing your situation, is taking away from your present life.  If you’re confused  about which direction to take, ask yourself which direction aligns with God’s word (see your concordance in the back of your bible, and read what God has to say about your situation). Also, make sure you are praying and asking God to show you the clear path. Rely on God; not humans. Only God knows your current situation, and your purpose for being on this earth.

He may ask you to take a difficult path. You may be feeling the heat from the furnace in your life right now. But when you do the right thing, God will deliver you. Keep your faith, follow through, and trust in Him.

God bless all of you. –Coach Su Hamm Woods

Other Scriptures to read, about following God’s will over Authorities

Ester 3:2 — Ester 4:13-16 — Daniel 3:16-18


Go ahead and YELL…


“sometimes the quiet ones are yelling on the inside”  Connor Franta, Note to Self
Sometimes we feel like we are not being heard by God, but I want to remind you that we are. He is listening to every word you say, every tear you cry, and every shout you yell.

Trust me when I say that there have been times when I’ve been face first on the floor crying and pleading for God to help me. But, as I look back on the last 50 years of my life I can now see that all those times I was crying out to him, he was not only there, but he was surrounding me with his grace, mercy, love, AND protection. We may not always feel his presence. But there is a reason why people will tell you, “Ahh, you’re walking in the desert my friend.” Well Ugh, yes I am, and I’m ready to get to the Promise Land, thank you very much. (See Exodus if you’re not familiar with desert/promise land.)

There are other times, when we plead with him to allow us to take a different path. We know that we are being edged to take the harder one, but every single part of our human existence is steering away from where God is leading us. We procrastinate even when we know we must act. Why-oh-WHY are His paths so hard? “Can’t I catch a break Lord?” However, if you read the bible you will see first hand, that life was hard even when Jesus walked the earth. What makes us think it would be different today?

We forget that AS SOON as we follow him, he grants us peace during our up and coming storms. Yes, we may swim through troubled waters. But He is swimming against the current right along with us, and when we call out to Him you’ll notice how the waters turn still, the sun begins to shine, and our strength returns.

I have yelled (cried) out to him many times, during my life’s trials: abandonment, domestic violence, serious pain endured with my children, the loss of loved ones, divorce. You name it, and I’ve probably been there. Our life on earth won’t be pleasant, but our rewards for following him are everlasting. We must build on HIS foundation, not our own. It is time to get your dusty bible out, and let his words soak in. Any questions you have is answered in the bible, and you will not only learn, but you will begin a very intimate relationship with Him. Please trust me on this. (If you’re just starting, I would suggest a study bible, so that you can learn what the scripture verses mean).

It wasn’t that long ago, when I found myself yelling and crying out to Him again. After enduring AND OVERCOMING all the battles that I mentioned above (and more), I FINALLY believed God was going to give me a breather. I seriously thought that since the first half of my life had so many battles, that he was going to bless me with the gift of a more peaceful existence. I had JUST recently got married to an amazing, Godly man. A man that makes me laugh, and who is patient and kind. I was so excited about starting our life together. But guess what? A half of a year into our marriage, I became chronically ill. When the DR told me (and hubs) that I had Lupus, I thought, “Ok, now that we know what it is, please give me my medicine and let me get on with my life.”

It didn’t work out as planned. I got sicker, and sicker, and sicker. I was on medication for 1.5 years, and it never worked. I also tried things on my own accord, such as:  Eating better, meditation, prayer, essential oils, yoga, etc., you name it, I’ve tried it. Guess what? Nothing worked. I was in such severe pain that I was bedridden most days. Seriously feeling like Job, I screamed out to God asking him why he wasn’t healing me?

I ended up on chemo, which I’m still on (weekly). My days are better, but my brain is not. I can’t work in the mornings, or drive. I’m very confused, my equilibrium is off, I clunk into my hallway walls trying to make it to my coffee maker. I’m disoriented, and forgetful. I was tested for Alzheimer’s. Which I don’t have right now, GLORY BE TO GOD. But that still doesn’t make my mornings any better. And here’s the deal, God hasn’t healed me yet, but I know he will. I live on faith that he will. I just know that I haven’t learned the reason behind it yet. I haven’t figured out the lesson. But I know there’s a reason, and that this is all part of God’s plan. How do I know this? Because I know God. In the meantime, he is giving me the peace and grace to deal with it.

The message here is that as long as we are following God, it will all work for our good in the end. There’s no reason to stress over it, because he has it covered. And he has it covered for you too, when you’re following and loving him.

Some Promises:

  • to those who love God & are called to his purpose (me, and also YOU)

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” – Romans 8:28

  • A promise if we stay free from the love of money and stay content with what he’s already blessed us with:

“Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” – Hebrews 13:5

  • Our work is God’s, and he is doing his work through us. Are you letting him?

“And I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.” – Philippians 1:6

  • When we follow him, we have his promise that we will be with him forever.

“I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God that you may know that you have eternal life.” – 1 John 5:13

  • And this is a great promise to memorize. We will be going through so many trials while we’re here on earth, but nothing will be able to separate us from the love of God, in Jesus our lord.

“For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.” – Romans 8:38-39

Truth be known, we don’t have to yell to get God’s attention, but I’m giving you permission to yell, cry, stamper, sing, whisper, stomp (in the privacy of your bedroom, lol) … do what makes your soul feel better at the moment, just make sure you’re turning to, and talking to God.

We need his input, in order to make the right choices and not head in the wrong direction. I think we’ve all learned how making the wrong choice, can cause some horrific life consequences, I know I have.

He loves you so much, and he want’s to talk to you. He wants communication. He want’s your love. If you’re struggling right now, know that you’re not alone. There isn’t a person on this planet who isn’t in pain about something. But when we seek God, the answers will come. They might not always come when you want them to, but they will show up in His perfect timing, and all will be well.

Battle after Battles – Coach Su

Quick shout out to my followers of Domestic Violence

God bless each and every one of you!

Coach Su Hamm Woods; Christian Life-Coach

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One battle after another…

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Imagine if you will, that your alarm goes off in in morning, and as you rise up from bed to make your way to the coffee maker, you see an angel standing by your door. At first, he startles you, but then his celestial glory covers you with such light and love that you no longer feel any fear. You just feel beauty. You grab a mug of hot coffee and head out to your porch to pray, but when you open your door you stop short, because in your lawn are dark images. You can hardly make out what they look like, but you can feel they’re evil. Your heart starts beating rapidly, and a cold sweat starts to form atop your forehead.

In the distance you see light thundering toward your home, and angels sprouting forth. Their swords are held high, and you hear the screeching fight between light and darkness. You stand in your doorway completely frozen. You are locked into position. You turn around, and the angel that’s been following you is still standing beside you. Although you’ve never met him, you know him by name. Michael looks down at you, and one of his wings is wrapped around you. That’s why I can’t move, you think.

“All will be well little one.” He says.

Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about, because even though you can’t see them with the human eye, God has given you the ability to know they are there. And you are aware that there is a continual battle for our souls while we are living here on earth.  Other people are doubters, and although our society frequently praises doubters, I can assure you that Heaven doesn’t. (Doubting Thomas)

He who doubts, is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind” James 1:6

We live by faith, not by sight.” 2 Cor 5:7

Trust me when I say that we are living a daily spiritual war, my friends. God gives us all free-will, it is up to us to call out to him, it’s up to us to read his living Word, it’s up to us to be obedient, it’s up to us to repent when we have failed. Because we are his warriors. We are his light, and we need to kick darkness’ arse!

I can almost bet that you are battling something in your life right now. Why? Because living on earth is just one battle after another. Sometimes I’m shocked when I read post that say, “It’s not fair that…,” “I didn’t deserve…,” “If only…,”

Why am I shocked? Because that’s what earth is all about. It’s about living through insane pressures, injustices, trauma’s, etc., to learn, to pray, to go through this walk, inch by inch, everyday with God, and giving Glory to God. If this place we live in were perfect, then we’d be in heaven. One way the enemy will try to trip you up is by your impulsive snap decisions, thus leading you down a path of deep depression, and a victim-mentality mindset. Be warned, it’s ridiculously hard to climb yourself out of these pits. And, some people never do… Satan loves depression. I understand, as I’ve been in depths of depression myself. But God came to my rescue and showed me the light. In other words, he showed me what the big picture of my life IS. And he’ll show you too, if you follow and remain obedient to him.

So, when you have a problem? What do you do?

1)      You pray. And by the way, God knows who you are, and he knows your personality. So be yourself when you talk to him. He can’t communicate with you when you’re trying to be perfect in prayer. He created you, and he knows everything about you. Have you ever read Psalms? David wrote 73 of them, and you’ll hear his cries, torment, questions, begging and pleading, not just his praise and worship. God is our Father, you can ask him anything, and you can do so in your own personality.

2)      Ask him: Lord, what do you want me to do in this situation?

3)      Discern:  Wait upon the Lord. He may ask you to do something extremely hard and out of your comfort zone, in fact, usually he does.

4)      Go to your Bible. Make sure that what you think you are hearing lines up with his word. Is my discernment really from You Lord? Or, is this something I’m telling myself? God will never ask you to do something that doesn’t line up with his word.

5)      If it lines up, be obedient. No matter how hard it is, do what the Lord is telling you to do.

6)      Move forward.

Satan wants you to doubt. He will show you everything you will be giving up. He will turn people against you. He will have others cast judgement upon you. BUT, God will bless you twofold, threefold, endlessly when you remain obedient.

Always seek God before making decisions. This is lacking in our culture today. People make snap decisions that they will sometimes have to pay for a lifetime.

Lord Jesus, I pray that you will help anyone who is in a deep pit today? to climb out of its depths by seeking you. I pray that they will reach out and take your hand, as you guide them to safety. I pray that they understand that earth is a battleground. There are very painful things that will happen to us in our lifetime, that try to detour us away from your love Lord. We must stand firm as one of your warriors. Sometimes we need to be able to see what we cannot with the human eye, and live by faith alone. But let us not forget that you will turn all to good for us, and in the meantime, you will deliver peace to those who follow you and live obediently to your word. I pray everyone realizes what a true warrior they are, and that with you, all things are possible. In your precious name Lord Jesus, Amen”

God bless each and every one of you, my friends.

Coach Su (Hamm) Woods — Coffee with Your Coach

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But there comes a day…

I remember many years ago stumbling upon a TV movie that has been ingrained into my brain ever since. It was a true story about a young girl named Liz Murry, and the hardships she endured as she fought her way to victory. It showed her as a young girl living in the Bronx, with two parents continually strung-out on coke. They were severe drug-addicts, and because of this Liz lived in poverty, and without reliable parents to care for her and her sister. She would dumpster-dive for food, and steal. She was bullied and teased in school because she “smelled”.

When she was 15 years old, her mother died of AIDs, and when her father was unable to pay their rent, they lost the flat they lived in. Her dad moved to a homeless shelter, her sister stayed with a friend, and Liz was left to live on the streets. Let me tell you, the movie tore at my insides. Liz was alone and on her own. Her home became the city’s underground trains, and park benches. At first, she fell under the victim-trap, but eventually she became determined to change her life.

I have found there are generally two types of people.

Type 1) Play the blame-game. They can’t find their purpose or move forward in life because they blame their parents, their upbringing, their lack of finances, their job loss, their divorce, their grief, their abuse, their rape, and on and on and on… you fill in the blank. There is always an excuse for why they won’t move forward, and their reasons are usually someone else’s fault. (justified or unjustified)

Type 2) The hero’s. They learn from their past and move forward. Exp: Yes, I was raped, but I received professional help in order to move on with my life. God allowed this terrible thing to happen to me because he wanted me to go back to school to become a lawyer. Now I’m able to prosecute rapist, child-molesters, stalkers, etc. Or, God allowed me to be raped so I could have the knowledge to fight congress, and get a new bill passed in legislature, Or, God allowed me to be raped so I could become a counselor and help other women who are victims of this terrible act. You get my point.

Type 1’s) Remain stunted for life, unless they learn to turn their thought process around. Turn their thoughts to God, and not to their hardships.

Type 2’s) Move forward. They don’t allow the things the devil throws in their path to deter them from the life purpose God has planned for them.

Right now, you may be saying, “Easy for you to say Coach!”

Type 1’s are probably upset with me right now. But I ask that you don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Type 1’s look at Type 2’s and think that they have perfect lives. They think they haven’t been through tough times, that they haven’t suffered the same way they have. But guess what? We ALL go through traumatic situations. Some of the happiest, nicest, most beautiful people in the world have went through horrific times in their lives. But they didn’t stay there. They didn’t live in the past, reliving the trauma over and over in their minds daily. Instead they made a goal, and they made the absolute best of their terrible situation. Trust me when I tell you that I understand. God has allowed me to make, go through, be victim of, and move forward from (TYL) MANY horrific, sad, and painful times in my life. (Abuse, abandonment, identity theft, stalking, divorce, etc. Quite seriously? This is just “some” of the things I’ve went through in my life… but I will bore you no further.)

Please, please, please do whatever you can (and I can help you with this if you need me) not to fall into the victim-trap. Plain and simply there is absolutely NOTHING the devil wants more than for you to become imprisoned in your own grief, traumas, bad memories, etc. He wants you to continue playing the blame-game. But I know that you are strong enough to overcome that. If you’re in the middle of this battle right now, I want you to remember how strong you are. You are a warrior, and God has amazing plans for you. It’s time to turn-it-around, because… there comes a day in our lives when we need to grow-up! (Sorry, as a Life-Coach I’ve been known to tell it like it is.) We “all” have a purpose in this life, and we absolutely can’t get swayed from it. And here’s the kicker, “You will never find your true purpose in life, when you remain stunted “in” your past”.

it is my belief

…  now back to Liz Murry’s story. Liz’s father eventually died from AIDS just like her mother did, and sadly Liz found herself falling into the victim and rebellion trap.

Until she remembered something her momma used to say to her, “I’ll fix my life one day.

She realized that her mother died without fulfilling any of her dreams, and she remembered all the times her mother would tell her that, and how her mom never fulfilled that promise. She made up her mind right then that she was NOT going to follow in that direction.  Instead, she was going to make a difference!

Although she had no where to live, and hadn’t attended high-school in 2 years, she decided at age 17 that she was going to go back school and become an all-A student. She also set a goal to complete her high-school education in a two-year timeframe. So, what happened? She worked her arse off! She did a year’s worth of work a semester AND went to night-classes. One of the people who really stood out to me in the film was her teacher, who noticed just how hard she was working and took extra time out of her life to mentor her (let’s take a moment to applause all of our underpaid teachers out there!).

Liz visited Harvard with her high-school class and fell in love with the college.  She applied for a New York Times scholarship that was being offered to needy local students. They were looking to make a difference for kids who had overcame obstacles. Not only did she get the scholarship ($12,000/yr) but readers of the paper were so touched by her story that they also donated $200,000.

Some of you may be saying, “Well, I’d like to go to college.” “I’d like to get a scholarship.” “I’d like to do this.” “I’d like to do that.” My question to you is, what are you doing to make that happen? Listen, God wants nothing but the best for you, and he is just waiting for you to reach out to him. He will show you the right direction when you have faith and follow him. I can help you with guidance, tips, and coaching… but you need to put in the challenging work. Are you ready to take that first step? If so, go to my contact tab, and reach out to me to schedule a phone appointment. It’s never too late to become what you might have been. -Cato

Liz Murray

Photo of Liz Murray, from Post-gazette.com

Liz Murray … take a peeksy

“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out” (Proverbs 20:5).

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” (Proverbs 19:21).

“But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth” (Exodus 9:16).

“I know that you can do all things; no purpose of yours can be thwarted” (Job 42:2). 

If you enjoyed Liz Murray’s story… take a gander at Amy Purdy’s (follow the link below).

Amy Purdy: How to live beyond your limits, video from Goalcast. Take a peeksy!

“Lord, I pray that you touch each person who reads this post, that they may remember just how special you created them to be! That they are able to reach down into the depths of their soul and recollect that they are one of your warriors, and there’s nothing they can’t do when they are living their life for you! Lord, I pray that they quit the blame-game, or the victim-game, and that you show them exactly “why” they went through their difficult times. Just as you’ve taught me, that often it’s in the pit of ugliness where we discover our blessing unfold.”

God bless each and every one of you!!! God’s blessings, love and light over you ALL.

Coach –Su Hamm Woods–

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